Our Story



Welltopix® was founded and run by minority, women doctors. The lack of anti-aging products with clinical-results was the motivation behind the Welltopix® Skincare line. Our results-first skincare formulations are powered by medical-grade ingredients. Welltopix® is a national skincare brand® that is pioneering no-fluff, anti-aging skincare solutions.

OUR PHILOSOPHY = No Fluff + All the Performance

At Welltopix, we strive to empower women who are ready to get serious about anti-aging. Our products combine the best in anti-aging technology from around the globe with clinically proven ingredients. We strongly believe in youth by design™.


When Dr. Rashmi Juneja came to America as a very young, minority, female doctor, there were almost no skincare options. Now over 20 years later, the skincare community has come a long way, but Dr. Juneja realized there was a lack of anti-aging skincare products that focused on the science of anti-aging.

Since the beginning of her career, Dr. Juneja has been a leader in anti-aging medicine and anti-aging skincare procedures. In 2019, after opening a successful Medical Spa and performing anti-aging procedures on hundreds of women, Dr. Juneja was determined to help her community. She worked for years testing and developing products with medical-grade and clinically-proven ingredients that deliver results.

Dr. Juneja is now the CEO of Welltopix Retail LLC and an entrepreneur who inspires women around the world to take charge of their skin with her passion for serious skincare solutions.